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Video Quick Dive – Trubisky Business!

Mitch Trubisky gets the WhiskeyRanger treatment, complete with a retro 80’s vibe!

NFL: Chicago Bears at Buffalo Bills
Sometimes, you just gotta say: What the heck.
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

For this Video Quick Dive, I put on my tubular Bears Homer socks, pour myself a drink, and throw some love at Mitchell Trubisky. The kid gets a pretty raw deal in the media, so I decided to fight back, 80’s style!

(due to NFL footage, you’ll likely have to watch on Youtube. Sorry!)

This one took me WAY longer than I originally anticipated to get done. Partially because I got busy with, ya know, life. And partially because I kept re-writting, re-recording, and re-editing the dang thing. On top of that, video editing is already a long and tedious process, and when you throw motion graphics on top of it (even simple ones), even more so. But, it’s done now, and I hope everyone enjoys it. Of course, I know not everyone will. Such is life.

Anyway, thanks for watching, like and subscribe if you want more, and Bear Down everyone.

WhiskeyRanger is a freelance graphic artist/content creator, an avid Bears fan, and apparently speaks in the 3rd person now. You can follow him on Twitter @WhiskeyRanger29 and you can check out Bears and football related film study/video essays on his Youtube Channel.