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Chicago Bears clinch NFC North Division

The Bears are division champions for the first time since 2010!

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA T

{Editing Note} After discussing this with the other staff members, we shall deem this as a open thread. Have fun, responsibly.

At long last.

After a brutal eight consecutive years of missing the playoffs, their longest such streak in the Chicago Bears’ franchise history, they have clinched a spot in the playoffs as champions of the NFC North. This marks the first time since 2006 when the Bears have clinched the division title playing at home on Soldier Field. What’s more, is they became the latest team to go from worst-to-first within their own division in any two-year span.

And damn, does it feel good.

I, along with everyone else in the Bears’ fanbase, were all originally told that this team had no shot at winning the division. Instead, rivals such as the Green Bay Packers — who are now mathematically eliminated from the playoffs by the way — and the Minnesota Vikings would be the teams declared as rightful rulers. The fans, and this team, denounced that nonsense and stormed forth.

Matt Nagy, Ryan Pace, and these reincarnated Monsters of the Midway took back what is rightfully ours. We have ascended to the Iron Throne and assumed the title as Kings of the North. Given the way this season has played out, and based on how this team has been constructed, don’t plan on counting the Bears out of the divisional race any time soon. Naturally, these Chicago Bears will be contenders for the NFC conference title, too.

Oh, and to people like Colin Cowherd who thought the Bears would finish last place again:

You know I had to do it...

Of course, it takes a team effort to truly become a great team. Outside linebacker Khalil Mack; this entire Bears defense; and the young offense led by quarterback Mitchell Trubisky all still have room to grow as a corps. With Matt Nagy at the helm, backed up by Ryan Pace as general manager, this team has endless potential for greatness.

Speaking of Matt Nagy, he is the first coach since the NFL-AFL merger to lead the Bears to a playoff appearance in their first season with Chicago. That includes names like Mike Ditka and Lovie Smith, the only two head coaches to ever reach the Super Bowl with the Bears. History has been in the making all season long in the windy city.

No one can possibly predict what will happen next. But rest assure, it’s been a fantastic ride. And, at least for today/tonight, we can finally party.