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Stock up, stock down: Bears-Packers

The Bears are NFC North champs! Are there even three players that struggled?

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Bears clinched the division, finished their worst-to-first journey, beat the team that’s been a perennial thorn in their sides for years. All in all, a vastly successful Sunday.

With that being said, how can I pick three players for stock down? This was about as complete a game as the Bears have played this season, with multiple players on both sides of the ball making plays, it’s going to be very tough to find three for the stock down side.

So keep in mind, I’m being very nitpicky in the stock down side of things, because there weren’t a ton of glaring errors Sunday.

And before you bring it it, Khalil Mack isn’t mentioned because his stock cannot go any higher. If you didn’t think he’d show up against Green Bay then you haven’t been paying attention.

Stock up

Mitchell Trubisky, QB - The thing about Trubisky is, in his second season, he hasn’t really had many back-to-back bad games since very early in the season. Sure, fans want to see him bring the same level of consistency and high-level playmaking on a weekly basis, but this was a huge bounce back for him from arguably his worst career game. He outplayed Aaron Rodgers, granted against a lesser defense than what Rodgers faced. But this was still a big game and a big moment for Trubisky and he aced it.

Roquan Smith, LB - While Eddie Jackson gets the credit for ending Aaron Rodgers’ 402 interception-free pass attempts streak, it was Smith that had the deflection that made it possible. Jackson could earn a spot on this list on his own with his game, but I am giving the nod to Smith, who also had 10 tackles in addition to that fateful pass break up.

Leonard Floyd, OLB - Floyd plays big against the Green Bay Packers:

Yesterday was no different, he had two sacks, two TFL, three QB hits and six tackles. He made plays all over the field and is making a big impact down the stretch.

Stock down

Taquan Mizzell, RB - Why Mizzell continues to get looks over the established Benny Cunningham is beyond me. Mizzell got stuffed on a third and one play late in the game that led to the fake punt. There was a running lane and he missed it. It gave the Packers the opportunity that nearly turned the game around.

Akiem Hicks, DE - Maybe it was the Packers’ scheme, maybe it was just the way the game played out, but Hicks was suspiciously absent from the game. He was without a sack, TFL or QB hit for the first time since Thanksgiving Day against Detroit. It’s not concerning, but it was interesting. They didn’t need his big plays with Khalil Mack and Leonard Floyd making so many big plays.

Anthony Miller, WR - He’s done well as the KR but as a receiver, Miller has somewhat disappeared. Maybe it’s just the way the games have played out, we’ve seen other Bears weapons ebb and flow in out of the games this season (Robinson, Gabriel, Burton). So maybe it’s just been the opponents, but Sunday Miller didn’t even register a target. In the last three games he has just three targets, one catch and one TD and that only came on the gadget play against the Giants. Since then he’s had one target and zero catches.

Who stood out to you? Who would you have in the stock down?