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Bear With Me: Let’s preview Bears and 49ers

On the latest episode of Bear With Me, Robert basks in the glory of an NFC North Championship, previews the upcoming game against John “Fleeced ‘Em” Lynch’s 49ers, and much more.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

On this episode of Bear With Me, I take some time to revel in the joy of watching the Bears destroy the Packers’ playoff hopes while securing our own, reflecting on how good it feels to finally be the 10-4 team mathematically eliminating their rival rather than the team being eliminated. (0-3:30)

From there I review exactly what the Bears did to dismantle the Packers, taking time to note who stood out from the rest on both offense and defense (this, of course, includes a healthy section on Trubisky) (3:30-9:50, Trubisky starts at 6:50)

I share my concerns about Eddie Jackson’s injury – what it means right now and how it affects the Bears over the next two weeks. I also highlight a player I think deserves special recognition for the job he did filling in defensively this weekend (9:50-13:30)

I review what needs to happen for a Bears’ 1st round playoff bye before previewing the threat Nick Mullens and the 49ers pose to our Beloved. I cover their strengths, weaknesses, and oddities before wrapping up with my official game prediction. (13:30-21:30)

From there I bring you up to speed on all of the happenings around the NFL, listing key takeaways from each Week 15 game (21:30-END)