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Week 13 Postgame: Bears take it to overtime but unable to recover from big mistakes in 30-27 loss to the Giants

After a 5 game win streak, the Bears tease us with some magic at the end but walk away from Met Life stadium with a loss.

Chicago Bears v New York Giants
Jordan Howard had some nice moments, but this wild game felt upside down at times.

The tone was set early in the Bears frustrating New Jersey field trip. Alec Ogletree’s swat-pick on a CD4 pass intended for Tarik Cohen in the flat was an impressive show of instincts and athleticism, but all I could think about is how this was going to be a surprisingly rough outing for the Bears. The game lived up to those early expectations. The Bears defense spent the majority of the time on the field suffocating the Giants flawed offensive unit, but their misses had big consequences.

The Bears have been more consistent than most teams this season, but everyone’s going to have a down game at some point. This was certainly a down game.

Box Score

Chase Daniel reminds us early why he’s a backup quarterback

And makes us realize how good of a game he played last week. He also made me miss Trubisky so much more every time he tried to scramble. What we saw today may be closer to what we should expect from an average fill-in from the Bears journeyman backup. A few good passes. Lots of misses. A few “passable” throws that a receiver can catch if they make an exceptional effort. It was an up and down performance from Daniel, and he had some great moments in the end of the 4th, but all in all he didn’t do enough to keep this offense moving.

Allen Robinson makes some exceptional catches

Early on, nobody believed AR12 had caught the ball in bounds because he’d been so slying smooth in dragging his right foot on the grass as he drifted to the sideline.

Then that helmet catch...when the ball was released, I was just crossing my fingers it wouldn’t be an interception. Robinson humiliated one-time-Bear B.W. Webb fighting off the corners flailing arms and strong-handing the ball off of his helmet. A true moment of beauty.

Hello Jo Ho!

At least we had one drive of Jordan Howard smashing through holes and stomping down the field in vintage fashion. The momentum never really returned after that one drive, so I hope you all cherished it as much as I did. JHow breakaways will always be a welcome sight.

Leonard Floyd restarts his sack-a-game streak!

And he’s already reached his season high of a 1 game streak. Can’t wait to see him break it smoshing down Goff next week.

Back to back sack attack

Wait. Are they replaying that sack? I thought it was Floyd who got it. Oh no. That’s just Hicks swatting down Eli on the very next play.

Maybe Akiem Hicks’ touchdown will finally get him some Pro Bowl votes?

Seriously though, what does a monstrously elite interior defensive lineman got to do to get respect. Sacks, swats, and tackles for loss doesn’t seem to cut it.

Two touchdown-causing coverage gaffes

The Bears failed to respect Odell Beckham as a passing threat, and allowed Russell Shepard to get absurdly open for an easy 49 yard touchdown. Then, even less understandably, the failed to respect OBJ as a receiving threat, allowing him to jaunt uncovered into the empty right half of the end zone to catch an airy 4th down lob for the Giants second offensive touchdown.

Khalil Mack picks a crucial moment to nab a sack on Manning

The Giants made the foolish decision to try to pass on 3rd down while in field goal range with the potential to push it to a two score game. Mack, clearly annoyed that the intention grounding he’d forced on the previous play was not called, rumbled passed the Giants inept offensive line to sack the Giants out of field goal range and give the Bears a chance for a tying drive. Of course, it didn’t end up mattering because the Bears fumbled the ball right back.

Two good looking two-minute drills

Well, that was a fun way to end an otherwise disappointing game. Some great plays by Robinson, Cohen, and Chase. When the first drive stopped at a field goal, I was ready to appreciate the moment and move on to accept a loss. Then the Bears lucked out on the onside kick and did it all over again.

Bears skill players can throw touchdowns too!

A double-reverse Tarik Cohen pass to Anthony Miller is such a gorgeous way to tie the game.

When your offense and defense each give away 7 points, you have to really dominate the rest of the game to still come out with a win. The Bears came close to doing that, and found a little luck when they needed it most. It’s certainly disappointing that the Bears couldn’t step up in overtime and finish the win, but the Bears gave us a terrific show at the end of the game. I love this team so much.

This is a frustrating loss, but not one that makes me lose faith in the team. On to the Rams and the return of Biscuit.