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Victory Monday Notes from a sloppy 14-9 Bears triumph

Our beloved Bears slopped it together for an underwhelming win in Santa Clara yesterday, and I’ve got da notes right here.

Chicago Bears v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Jacob generously offered to swap roles with me this week as I had to “work” yesterday, so I’m taking over his post-game notes. I’m assuming since this is “notes,” I can jump straight to my isolated insights instead of giving an overall game reaction. I will provide two overall reactions.

  1. The NFL app from verizon is complete heartless unethical bottom-of-the-barrel soggy garbage. I avoided social media, the internet, and unneeded human interaction all day so I could watch the game fresh when I got home. This evil incarnate little trash-app gives me a pop-up notification telling me the final score. If anyone wants that pop up, I guarantee you they don’t want it as much as I didn’t want it. I need to switch cell providers.
  2. This game was not as discouraging as I thought it would be when I saw the Bears only scored 14 points.

That’s my Biscuit

Mitch Trubisky saw a lot of pressure in the first half, and he continued to show off his ability to slip away and extend the play. This was most impressive with a long first down conversion rolling right and throwing to...Taquon Mizzell. Overall, Trubisky moved the ball better than expected in a 14 point offensive outing and his stat line shows an extremely efficient 86% completion percentage at 8.5 yards per attempt.

Mitchel, nooooo

I’m going to hope that Trubisky saw the holding penalty and knew he could take a risk on his negated pick. Except the throw didn’t seem risky in that there wasn’t a clear upside. He just tossed it at a 49er. He was clearly rushed after escaping pressure and misread something. I want to see him stop making mistakes, and that’s unrealistic. He’s still inexperienced. I’ll forgive him for now.

That’s our Biscuit

The Bears wasted no time rallying to their quarterback after a late-game late hit on their sliding quarterback. In retrospect, Marcell Harris hit Trubisky with his chest, and it looked like a stupid decision rather than a dirty one. But it looked bad in the moment and the Bears were ready to get unnecessarily violent for their young leader. Their hearts were definitely in the right place.

Bears defense racking up the pre-sacks

They didn’t “technically” hit home often—Roquan Smith logged the solo official sack—but they scooped up 6 QB hits and innumerable hurries that forced Mullens into so dangerously slopped throwaways. I’m sure if Eddie Jackson was on the field, at least a couple of those would have sailed into his paws for at least one pick six.

Deon Bush not quite filling Fast Eddie’s shoes

I saw him get near the play a number of times, but he didn’t “make” the play often. Hopefully he’s just warming up. Hopefully Eddie is coming back soon.

McMannis continues to churn the butter

Sherrick McMannis on the hand, has wasted no time impressing as he fills in at slot for injured Bryce Callahan. I love that he’s role is increasing at the ripe old age of 31 after looking like a career special-teamer. He’s certainly rewarding the Bears for giving him the opportunity.

Joe Staley did his name proud today

The 49ers tackle did a large part of helping keep Khalil Mack sackless today. Only Staley da Bear could have done better. Thank you Joe for not besmirching the Decatur Staleys or our beloved Bears mascot.

I underestimated Jordan Howard’s role in this game

And am delighted to have been proven wrong. Love to see that Bear prouncing around getting work. Nagy still seems overly cautious of diminishing returns when Howard is producing well, and he seems to be pulled out of the game plan for too many plays in a row for my liking. Does Nagy not remember that I spent two seasons looking at him as the brightest light of hope in a depressing offense? Does he not know that watching Howard rumble through failed tackles is like a warm blanket for Bears fans?

Can’t trick a simpleton gold-panner

Speaking of taking Howard off the field. When you run a trick play hoping to draw the defenses attention by faking a QB run then pitching to Tarik Cohen, the defense has to notice Trubisky running. These 49ers clearly know how to avoid tricks by not paying attention to such distractions. When their plan is to run at Tarik Cohen no matter what, no trick play going to Tarik Cohen is going to work.

9 points for #9

Parkey 0. Gould 9. I have nothing more to say about that.

Allen Robinson is a wonderful WR1 not getting enough attention

This offense spreads the ball to a number of terrific playmakers. Lost in the mix is that Robinson is living up to his billing as a complete elite wide receiver, delivering crisp routes and clutch catches every week. He won’t ever lead the league in yards on this team, but he’s a crucial cornerstone of this offense who deserves to be valued as such. Also, anyone see that diving catch? Gorgeous.

Mizzell starting to show me why the Bears believe in him

He showed some shifty moves on a long return and then caught a deep sideline pass from Trubisky. He’s still growing, but maybe he can turn into the productive versatile Cohen-light the Bears want him to be.

Remember Joel Iyebuniwe?

The fourth-round pick hasn’t done a lot this season, but I guarantee you Ritchie James won’t forget him. Iggy absolutely destroyed little Richard on a kickoff return taking a perfect line and leveling the poor return-specialist without losing momentum. I have high hopes for this young man.

Welcome back to offense Anthony Miller?

I’m not 100% sure why Miller took an offensive break for the past few weeks—he only had one catch for only one touchdown over the past three games. He tripled that today with three catches (still only one touchdown) and one savagely graceful open-field run for great YAC.

Hicks continues to paw his way into my heart

His two pawed balls in the first quarter were so bear-like, even the announcers couldn’t avoid referring to his hand as a paw. His third was the most impressive, leaving no chance of a salvaged play. He led the team in passes defensed today.

The score wasn’t impressive, but the Bears were clearly the better team on the field today. San Francisco played hard made some good plays, and the Bears made some sloppy mistakes, and the game stayed close until the end. But the Bears stayed on the field being better than the other team and eventually that ended in a win.

We’re going to see a more complete performance if the Bears want to win against the Vikings or in the playoffs, but this underwhelming victory doesn’t discourage me about their potential.