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The Bears’ 2019 future opponents are set

We know who the Bears will play next season, just not in what order and when. Oh boy is it a doozy.

Chicago Bears vs New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

For four straight years, by virtue of finishing in last place in the NFC North, the Bears have played a last place schedule. That meant that they, in addition to the other rotated AFC and NFC division everyone in the North faces, have played the other two corresponding last place NFC teams from the previous season.

In 2019, after winning the NFC North for the first time since 2010, that fact changes. With but one week left in the 2018 NFL regular season, we now know exactly who the Bears will play again next season and how that factors into their way-too-early long term outlook. All that’s left is the completely meaningless schedule show coming in April to lock everything in order. If you thought Christmas started too early nowadays, boy does the NFL have something for you to look ahead!

In addition to their six regular games against the Lions, Packers, and Vikings, the Bears will also play against the NFC East in 2019. That means pending home dates against the Cowboys and Giants, and road battles in Washington and against the Eagles. The Bears have lost each of their most recent meetings to these teams, culminating with a 31-3 beatdown in Philadelphia during 2017 Thanksgiving weekend.

The Bears are also scheduled to feature against the AFC West for the first time since 2015 under the NFL’s rigors. That means pending home dates against the Chargers and Chiefs, and road tests against the Broncos and Raiders, the last of which where Khalil Mack can enjoy some wholesome beatings of Oakland Las Vegas. While the Bears will have to travel to Mile High to play the Broncos in one of the league’s best inherent homefield advantages by virtue of altitude, at least they’ll get the opportunity to shut down the high-flying Pat Mahomes and Chiefs in their own digs. (Could be there be a Super Bowl rematch on the way?)

Finally, as mentioned, because they have finished in first in the North, the Bears will also play against the NFC West-winning Rams and NFC South-winning Saints. Both of those games acting as potential playoff rematches from this upcoming January.

It is here where the Bears particularly lucked out as the Saints will come to Soldier Field, maybe even in the late season cold. Any time the Bears avoid having to play in the always daunting Superdome in New Orleans is a win for them. A road game in Los Angeles can just as easily turn into homefield advantage for a popular and solid team like the Bears with enough investment and turnout.

Here is the Bears’ full slate of 2019 opponents already set:


  • Packers
  • Vikings
  • Lions
  • Saints
  • Chiefs
  • Chargers
  • Giants
  • Cowboys


  • Packers
  • Vikings
  • Lions
  • Rams
  • Raiders
  • Broncos
  • Eagles
  • Washington

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