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Chicago Bears activate Kyle Long

He’s back to kick ass and chew bubble gum, but he’s all out of bubble gum....

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Photo By Serena Vitellaro of Serena Vitellaro Photography

The Chicago Bears have decided to activate Kyle Long from injured reserve making him their second, and final, player that was designated to return from IR this season. Long originally hurt his foot on October 28, and he’s been practicing with the team for two weeks now.

When asked about Long yesterday, head coach Matt Nagy said that he had a good week of practice and that there was no plan for him to be on a pitch count. “I feel pretty good with him playing most of the game,” Nagy said, but he also said it would be an in-game decision if they gave him any rest. “If he’s feeling good, keep him going.”

I have a feeling Long will be good to go.

The 30-year old Long is a six year veteran and a three-time Pro Bowler, and having him back for the playoffs could be an emotional boost for the team. He has yet to appear in a playoff game in his career and getting him back at his familiar right guard spot is good news for the offense.

To make room on the 53-man roster the Bears have released third string quarterback Tyler Bray.