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Bears Rush Report 2018: Week 13 at the Giants

Chicago Bears v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Bears defense was great in the first half but struggled a little bit in the second half. Given the offensive line struggles by the Giants this season and the fact that Eli Manning is a bit of a statue in the pocket, I am a little disappointed by the sack output in this game. It also appeared that Vic Fangio was up to his old tricks at various points throughout the game, where he put his best pass rushers in coverage.

Although it is hard to be upset by 3 sacks, the Bears are still on pace for 49, which should solidly put them in the top-5. With some tough games coming in the final quarter of the season, however, it is imperative that the Bears continue to get after the quarterback. Here’s to a huge output for the final 4 games!

Week 13 at the Giants

Sack 1 - Second quarter 1:14 (1st & 10) - Leonard Floyd

Leonard Floyd certainly loves the tackle/end twist, doesn’t he? I have to give Akiem Hicks a huge amount of props for his unselfish play on this sack. He makes sure to occupy both the right guard and tackle, while also getting straight upfield, to allow Floyd to get to Manning quickly. This is an excellent example of playing a 2-man game on the defensive line!

Sack 2 - Second quarter 0:52 (2nd & 17) - Akiem Hicks

When you watch plays like this, it makes you wonder how Hicks doesn’t have double-digit sacks every year. He is simply too good with his hands and too powerful not to produce more. Hicks quickly swipes away the right guard before engaging the center. He gets low and provides a powerful punch with his left hand and keeping the right free for an inside move. A few more hand moves later and Manning is in the fetal position with Hicks laying on top of him.

Sack 3 - Fourth quarter 3:25 (3rd & 8) - Khalil Mack

This is as simple as it gets. Khalil Mack rushes upfield, gets a great lean into the right tackle, sheds the block with a swim move and takes down Manning easily. This is how pass rushers do it in their dreams. Fast and efficient, with a strong finish.

Pressure of the Week

Second quarter 2:58 (1st & 10) - Leonard Floyd

Technically Bryce Callahan gets the “pressure,” but Floyd gets the holding penalty. Floyd has been working with Mack, that is blatantly obvious when you watch this. He sets the tight end up outside, gives a head fake to the inside, and presses the tight end back with both arms, getting him completely off-balance. Saquon Barkley gets a bit of a chip here, but if Floyd wasn’t held, this would have been his first of 2 sacks on the day. As it were, the end result is almost as good for the Bears.

Here’s how I have the individual* Rush Report after week 11.

Khalil Mack - 8

Roquan Smith - 4

Akiem Hicks - 4

Team Sacks - 3

SINO - 2

Roy Robertson-Harris - 2.5

Aaron Lynch - 2.5

Bryce Callahan - 2.5

Leonard Floyd - 2

Bilal Nichols - 1.5

Danny Trevathan - 1.5

Eddie Goldman - 1

Sherrick McManis - 1

Deon Bush - 1

Isiah Irving - 0.5

*These numbers do not reflect a players official statistics.