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He’s back: Mitchell Trubisky a full participant at Wednesday’s Bears practice

All that’s missing is a two-word fax. Er, tweet.

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Your long and incredibly specific local nightmare is over: Mitchell Trubisky was a full participant at Bears practice on Wednesday. After missing Chicago’s last two games against the Lions and Giants on the road due to a throwing shoulder injury, that’s a good indication he will start for the Bears this Sunday night against the Rams.

It’s been an interesting few weeks for the Bears with backup Chase Daniel taking Chicago to a 1-1 record during his short stint: a mark any NFL team will take when their regular starter goes down. Daniel was capable, but ultimately too limited and flawed. Everyone knew that if the Bears were going to not only make the playoffs for the first time since 2010, but do damage once they get there, they needed a fully healthy Trubisky. They needed a completely recovered and athletically gifted quarterback to go claw to hoof with the heavyweights of the NFC, like the 11-1 Rams.

Without Trubisky this still-developing Bears offense can’t go anywhere meaningful. He’s the engine that drives their success and of which gives them a fighting chance in a heavily contested postseason field. His return is undoubtedly welcome and comes at the best possible time in yet another measuring stick game for the rising Bears against Los Angeles.

When asked about Trubisky’s status on Wednesday, head coach Matt Nagy was coy and not entirely committal in saying, “I feel strong that he will play.”

When asked if he expects to play this week, Trubisky was far more aggressive: “I do, I just gotta show coach that I can play.”

By every indication of the Bears’ first full practice in advance of their heavyweight fight with the Rams, Trubisky did just that in showing Nagy proof of his health. The Bears’ face of the franchise is back.

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