Saquon Barkley

Just listen:

So if Chubb, Fitzpatrick and Nelson are all gone by 8 and Barkley is there, can you really pass on him?

I know we have Howard and Cohen but really. He is in the top 4 players in the draft along with the 3 I just mentioned.

And before you say we'd have too many RBs, this is a guy who had 102 receptions for 1,195 yrds and 8 tds receiving in 3 years (54, 632, and 3 last year) as well as 2 KR TDs last season and multiple TDS over 80+ yrds so he clearly can catch the ball and is a burner. You could create all sorts of match-up nightmares for D coordinators with that stable of RBs.

Additionally, we'd be FUBAR if Howard or Cohen went down long term.

Full Disclosure: It's my preference we pick one of those 4 players should they be available.

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