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Who do you want the Bears to avoid in free agency?

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

I believe the Chicago Bears are going to be spenders in free agency this year. And by spenders, I mean a few top dollar — big ticket — contracts. There will still be a spattering of veteran minimum deals handed out and a few one year prove it types of deals, but in year four of the rebuild, with a new head coach in place, general manager Ryan Pace should feel his team is close to digging itself out of the cellar.

Paying big money at the outset of a rebuild would have been wasteful, but now, this team better be ready to upgrade the talent. It’s time to add some legit playmakers to the roster that will grow with the young core that Pace has put in place.

The Bears have needs all over the roster, so I wouldn't be surprised to see them target any position, but here’s one thing I’d rather they not do.

Work out a trade for Jarvis Landry.

When the Miami Dolphins announced they were going to use the franchise tag on Landry, those anti-Landry Bears fans gave the decision an immediate thumbs up. But don’t assume the Dolphins want to keep Landry just because they gave him the tag.

Odds are high that they are just giving themselves a chance to get something for Landry, because the two sides seem destined for a divorce. I’d imagine the ‘Fins will try and drum up some business for Landry among the receiver-needy teams at the NFL Combine this week.

Since Landry was given the non-exclusive franchise tag, he and his people are free to negotiate with other teams and he could sign an offer sheet. If the Dolphins then let Landry go on his new deal, they’d receive two first round drafts as compensation.

But it likely won’t get to that point.

The Miami Sun Sentinel broke it down like this.

It’s important to note the Dolphins can’t trade Landry until he signs their offer sheet.

It’s also important to note the team that signs Landry to an offer sheet could work out any trade compensation with Miami the two teams find workable.

In other words, the Dolphins won’t necessarily receive two first-round picks if they trade Landry.

Paying a free agent wide out is one thing, working out a trade package of draft picks, no matter how large or small, isn’t something I want to see the Bears do.

If we’re to believe the rumors that the Bears had serious interest in acquiring Landry in the past, then him being a top free agent priority could have been in the cards, but with the franchise tag muddying the situation I want the Bears to stay away.

Do not give up draft picks when there are other solid receiving options on the UFA market.

There are a few other possible free agent targets I’m starting to sour on, but I want to let you guys weigh in on the topic too.

Who do you want the Bears to stay away from during 2018 free agency?