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Chicago Bears announce 2018 offseason dates

Chicago Bears Training Camp
Photo By: Serena Vitellaro-Wiltfong of VEI Photography

On Tuesday the Chicago Bears announced some key offseason dates, including their 2018 minicamps and OTAs. Earlier this month the NFL announced their offseson dates, so I’ll intertwine the two schedules right here to give us an idea on the time line the Bears will be following through August.

The full NFL offseason schedule can be found here, but here’s a Cliff-Notes version that applies to the Bears.

* Denotes the newly announced Bears’ training schedules.

February 27 through March 5 - NFL Scouting Combine

March 6 - Deadline for teams to designate franchise or transition tag

March 12 through 14 - Teams can start to negotiate with unrestricted free agents

March 14 - Free agency opens!

* April 17 through 19 - Chicago Bears voluntary veteran minicamp

April 26 through 28 - 2018 NFL Draft!

* May 11 though 13 - Chicago Bears rookie minicamp

* May 15 through 17 - Chicago Bears OTA practices

* May 22 through 24 - Chicago Bears OTA practices

* May 29 through June 1 - Chicago Bears OTA practices

* June 5 through 7 - Chicago Bears mandatory full-squad minicamp

August 2 - Hall of Fame Game Baltimore Ravens vs Chicago Bears

September 9 or 10 - Chicago Bears play week one of the 2018 season!