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Brian Urlacher HOF Open Thread

Many of the greatest linebackers to play the game played for Chicago, and one of those men is Brian Urlacher. Tonight is his first chance at the honor he deserves, being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears Photo by Tom Dahlin/Getty Images

Tonight, the NFL Honors program will announce the inductees to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. While the official ceremony airs at 8pm Central, the fact is that the show itself will be taped in advance and news is bound to leak out ahead of schedule.

It should be obvious to anyone who understands the game of football that Urlacher belongs in the Hall of Fame, and even the quarterback from Green Bay agrees that he should be a first-ballot selection.

If for some reason you need more background on the man, you can read Jack Silverstein’s excellent write-up:

Here is Jack’s breakdown of Urlacher vs. Ray Lewis:

Meanwhile, the same man covered how he saw Urlacher’s chances breaking down right here:

Finally, here is Jack’s Twitter threads about the HOF and Urlacher, including all of his articles and radio segments related to it. Tons of good stuff in here:

Ultimately, today is the day that Bears fans get to celebrate the accomplishments of an all-time great. Whatever the official news happens to be, those of us who watched him play know the contributions he made to his team and to the game.

Meanwhile, this is an open thread. Please discuss responsibly, and if you find yourself getting sidetracked away from the subject of #54, remember there’s always the Den, today!