Trade Down Options for 2018 Draft

The 2018 NFL draft has the Bears sitting in an excellent position of #8 overall. I believe the Bears should use this pick to draft one of the elite non quarterbacks that could fall to #8. However, with the Browns (2 picks), the Giants, the Broncos, and the Jets all needing a franchise quarterback, this draft could turn into a race for quarterbacks. In this senario, the Bears could trade down to add picks. We are short a 3rd rounder from last year's trade to aquire the #2 pick overall. In this article, I will examine who some trade partners might be and what would be a fair trade based on the draft pick value chart. When teams want to trade up for a QB, they will do slightly crazy things! So the Bears could see more value, but for now, we will stick to fair trades. I did not include any teams in the NFC North as trade partners. I also tried to not trade players as they do not have a defined value.

#8 for #11 trade with the Dolphins

Are the Dolphins really set with Ryan Tannehill? I would say not really.... He is coming off injury, and isn't worth his contract. Drafting a QB here and having him sit a year could be a good move for the Fins. Also seems like a trade would be possible as Adam Gase still has some contacts in Halas Hall, and a decent relationship with Pace. The trade down would net the Bears 150 draft pts or the #88 pick in the draft. The Dolphins could offer #73, but the Bears would probably have to give their second 4th round pick (#111) to get it done in a fair trade. Move back 3 spots get a 3rd rounder give up a 4th? Could be a good move if the Bears are looking at cornerbacks in the 1st round like Josh Jackson from Iowa.

#8 for #15 trade with the Cardinals

Cards need a QB! Drew Stanton, Blaine Gabbert, Matt Barkley.... Looks like the Bears last year. Let's not forget they will have a new head coach as well. This trade would net the Bears 350pts or the #55 pick in the draft. The Cards could offer #47. To even out the deal I have the Bears throwing in #111, and the teams swapping 7th round picks. This trade could be one where we really hold them over the coals. Moving up 7 spots to draft a qb is expensive! At 15 cornerback might be good, better move if we are thinking OT or WR.

#8 for #16 trade with the Ravens

Joe Flacco has a 24.75 million cap hit this year. He is worth about 1/2 of that amount. The only thing he has going for him is his 28.75 million in dead $ if he is released. He is a huge finacial mistake for the Ravens. In 2019 his dead $ goes to 16mil. His days are numbered in Baltimore. This trade nets us 400pts or the #50 pick in the draft. The Raven could package #52 and #176 to make this a fair deal. This gives us two 2nd round draft picks! This years draft is supposed to be deep in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. 16 is a little late for corners, but good for OT or WR.

#8 for #17 trade with the Chargers

Phillip Rivers will be 36 in 2018, and the Chargers have to keep an eye on the future. He is only on the books through 2019 so the Chargers could be in the QB market. Bears net 450pts or the #45 pick. Chargers give us #45 and #146 to make the deal. This might be my favorite. The Bears would have #39 and #45 picks. The #146 could move us up 3 spots on either pick in the 2nd or 8-10 spots on either pick in the 4th. At 17 the Bears still get a solid pick. A WR at 17 feels like a much better value at at #8

#8 for #21 or #22 with the Bills

Tyrod Taylor is a soild Alex Smith type quarterback. Looks like he is out the door, or soon to be. This is the wildest possible trade partner with the Bills having #21 (800pts) #22 (780pts) #53 (370pts) and #56. (340pts) The Bears give #8 and #101 for #22 #53 and #56 in this senario giving the Bears three 2nd round picks. I like the 2nd round the best. The contracts are way cheaper in the long run, but you don't get the 5th year option. You get starters! (Eddie Goldman, Cody Whitehair, Superbowl champion Alshon Jeffery)

#8 for #28 with the Steelers

Steelers could also be in the market. The would need a wapping 740 points to move up. Their 2nd round pick #60 is only worth 300 points, they throw in #92(132pts) and Martavis Bryant. This would put a value on the wide receiver at 208pts or the #76 pick. Given his issues and that it is a contract year, I feel this is a fair value. Trading this far back in the 1st seems silly to me, but it still has value as teams love to trade back into the late 1st round to draft a QB who might need to sit a year or two. Might be a second run on QB's in the late 1st?

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