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Andy Reid on Matt Nagy: “He is a leader of men.”

Kansas City Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid recently had some things to say about his former protege, and current head coach of the Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday NFL head coaches and general managers met the media down at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, and we brought you all the juicy details from the Chicago BearsMatt Nagy and Ryan Pace.

With Nagy coming over from the Kansas City Chiefs, current Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid was asked a few questions about his former offensive coordinator. As expected, Reid again gave a glowing review about what the Bears can expect from Nagy.

The first question after his opening remarks about the Chiefs was about the kind of coach Nagy will be.

“This is one of my favorite guys, Matt Nagy. You are getting somebody that is extremely intelligent, works very hard. He is honest, he will shoot you straight. When he stands up there to tell you, it’s going to be the truth, which helps in your job. He will be a great leader. He is a leader of men. Not just of the office and the people he has to deal with there, but the football team. He will give them direction and I think with the character on your team, I think they will understand that and they will follow him. In time, I think good things will happen for the Chicago Bears.”

Reid was asked what will distinguish Nagy as a head coach with the Bears.

“Let’s see how it goes, I’m not much on the crystal ball theory. But I would tell you what I mentioned earlier here, he will bring a certain toughness to the group and he is a very intelligent guy. He is a great people guy, which is a big part of the job. You have to have a connection with the players and he has that and will have that. They will trust what he is doing. He isn’t going to ask them to do acrobatics or anything. He is going to ask them to get better at football and guys buy into that. He will keep it that simple for them. He has a good coaching staff. The fact that they were able to keep (Vic) Fangio on the defensive side is big for them. I think they have a good solid staff there.”

Nagy convinced Brad Childress to come out of retirement to be his offensive consultant in Chicago. The two coaches formed a friendship while working together in Kansas City the last five years, and Childress’ four decades of coaching experience will prove invaluable to Nagy.

Reid was asked if he thinks Childress will help Nagy.

“Brad Childress, for those of you who didn’t know, is going back to Chicago to help (Matt Nagy) and has a consultant-type role, similar to what we did with Tommy Brasher. I think that is great for Matt. It gives him one more voice on the offensive side that kind of speaks the same language he does. The other coaches are kind of new to it. If Matt has to go talk to the media, Brad can be in there and just keep the conversation rolling on the installs for the coaching staff and that is priceless. I think it is good for Brad. Brad was easing down. I thought he might last two weeks in retirement, but it was three days.”