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Chicago Bears 7th in NFL Power Rankings

OK, so these aren’t your standard NFL Power Rankings, but it’s still nice to see the Chicago Bears thought of in a positive light.

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

We occasionally pass on the NFL Power Rankings to you guys just so we can gauge the pulse of the national media when it comes to the Chicago Bears. While this latest Power Ranking isn’t the traditional ‘ranking the teams from top to bottom’ type of list, it’s neat to see the Bears get some props for a change.

SB Nation went over the recent start-of-the-league-year moves so far and ranked teams according to who is “winning” the offseason.

Their big winner was the Cleveland Browns, but the Bears made the top 10 after their impressive early start to free agency.

Adding some offensive talent to their offensive minded head coach, Matt Nagy, is a formula (on paper at least) for success.

Here’s what SB Nation had to say about ranking the Bears seventh.

Mitchell Trubisky didn’t have much help as a rookie — Kendall Wright led the team in receiving yards with 614. No wide receiver on the Bears even had more than one touchdown. So Chicago remedied that by signing Allen Robinson, Taylor Gabriel and Trey Burton. Adding receivers a year after drafting a quarterback is a strategy that worked for the Eagles and Rams, so the Bears were wise to follow suit.

What do you guys think about the Bears cracking the top 10?