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Report: Chicago Bears watch Johnny Manziel throw

Are the Chicago Bears just doing their due diligence, or is there something to them scouting former first round draft pick Johnny Manziel.

Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

This was some interesting news to see come across my Twitter feed while I ate lunch today.

The Chicago Bears were one of thirteen teams confirmed to be on hand at the University of San Diego’s pro day watching former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel workout. Eric Williams, who covers the Chargers for ESPN, tweeted the following.

I share the Tweet because the way Williams’ worded it makes it seem like the teams were “confirmed” to be there for the former first round pick of the Cleveland Browns.

The University of San Diego needed a quarterback to showcase their wide receivers, and Manziel is trying to make a comeback. It was a win/win for the University as their NFL Draft hopefuls received some more eyes on their workout.

Manziel was his own worst enemy early in his pro career with excessive drinking and partying, but he sought out help, he was diagnosed as being bi-polar, and he’s been sober since 2016.

Manziel says he has an offer on the table from a team in the CFL, but he’ll also be involved with the developmental Spring League which starts up next week. The 25-year old hasn’t played in the NFL since 2015, but he’s willing to do what ever he can to get another shot.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter charted Manziel’s throws at the pro day and he had him as 36 for 38 in a light rain. Schefter said those he spoke with in attendance called his performance a “strong day.”

The Bears did sign Tyler Bray as a third quarterback, but depending on the offers that Manziel receives, it could makes sense for Chicago head coach Matt Nagy to have another athletic quarterback in the mix.

EDIT: Albert Breer from The Monday Morning Quarterback tweeted the following.

I then went to the ESPN article from Eric D. Williams (the writer that sent the oddly worded tweet above) to see how he portrayed the “scouting” being done at the University Of San Diego pro day and he wrote that, “Scouts from 13 NFL teams were on hand to watch Manziel throw.”

So were they there specifically to see Johnny Manziel? Probably not.

Did the thirteen teams instruct their scouts to take notes on Manziel, just in case. Probably.

I maintain my stance that I’d like to see Manziel, who has matured and sobered up, play football again. I’m a fan of mobile quarterbacks, and Manziel was an electrifying player in college.