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Nagy on Kevin White: No promises but he’ll “get every opportunity possible”

The Bears coach talked with the media at the annual coaches breakfast

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Chicago Bears Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

It’s still very early into Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy’s tenure but there is a lot to like about what fans hear when he speaks.

He seems to invoke a lot of honesty and excitement but not promising too much or trying to say the Bears are back. He understands that there must be some measure of temperament to these statements because while Bears fans are hungry for a winner, there is a lot of questions that need answers.

In any event, this morning at the league’s annual meetings in Florida, Nagy spoke with the media during breakfast and talked about a lot of things, including not being conservative offensively, but also about some of his players, including Kevin White.

Here is the full quote, courtesy of The Athletic’s Kevin Fishbain:

Once again Nagy is proving his keep. How could players not want to play for a coach like this. He’s honest in pointing out Kevin hasn’t played, he’s positive though saying he wants to give him a shot and wants to see him become a great comeback story.

It’s a great answer, he doesn’t dismiss White with a coachspeak “he has to stay healthy, that’s number one,” which is easy to do. No, he tries to build the player up and encourage him and let him know he’s going to get chances.

It also hints that White isn’t going anywhere despite the Allen Robinson and Taylor Gabriel signings.