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Bears to wear orange jerseys in 2018

As the Bears undergo a makeover in their offense, they will also be undergoing a makeover in their uniforms.

The orange uniforms are back for the first time since 2012.
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The Chicago Bears will be wearing orange jerseys at some point in 2018, chairman George McCaskey stated at the owners meetings on Tuesday.

The Bears did away with the orange jerseys in 2012, replacing them with the Monsters of the Midway throwbacks jersey that have since been worn twice a year. Chicago wore the orange jerseys several times throughout the 2000’s.

Defensive lineman Akiem Hicks tweeted out his desire to play in the orange jerseys on Sunday.

Twitter user @BestHumanTalent started up a peititon on on Saturday to bring back the jerseys. The petition has been signed by nearly 2,000 people as of Tuesday night.

The Bears wore an orange jersey along with navy pants multiple times throughout the 1930’s. They brought that uniform back in a game against the Dallas Cowboys in 2003, before unveiling the orange jersey and white pants combination the following year.

The return of these uniforms likely brings an end to the throwback jerseys that the Bears have worn twice a year for six seasons. It is currently unknown how often they plan on wearing their orange jerseys.