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Bears invite Joe Kupcikevicius to local pro day

The Chicago Bears have another prospect in line for their local pro day, Oak Lawn, Illinois’ Joe Kupcikevicius, who played at Richards High School.

The Local Area Workout Day for the Chicago Bears will take place on April 13 from Halas Hall and it’s for players that played college or high school locally. Most of the prospects invited are just trying to stand out to get a rookie camp invite, others are hoping to do enough to get signed as an undrafted free agent, while others are hoping to show enough to get drafted in the 2018 NFL Draft.

The latest player reported to have an invite to participate is Oak Lawn, Illinois’ Joe Kupcikevicius, who played at Richards High School. Christian Shanafelt from the NFL Draft Bible had the news first via Twitter.

“Kup” started his collegiate career at South Dakota State, but transferred to Mt. San Antonio Junior College, then finished his final two years at Azusa Pacific. The 6’4”, 310 pounder played right tackle in college, but he’s willing to kick inside to play guard if asked.

His pro day numbers weren’t the best, but he was asked to pull quite a bit the last two years by the Cougars. He has a high football IQ, he was trained by Hall Of Famer Jackie Slater, and he plays the game with an edge.

He also seems like a guy that may have spent some time in a DeLorean because I swear he reminds me of someone I went to high school with in the 80s. When asked his favorite team he replied, “Da Bears.” His bio picture from South Dakota State featured a Mohawk and a rat-tail. And his may be the first college highlight video that uses Ozzy Osbourne’s Shot In The Dark as the background music.