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Report: Kyle Fuller wants to return to Chicago, Bears will not use the franchise tag

Philadelphia Eagles v Chicago Bears

There are two interesting reports that popped up on Monday in regards to Chicago Bears free agent cornerback Kyle Fuller.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Bears will not use the franchise tag on Fuller. The franchise tag would be around $15 million, and the deadline for tagging players is Tuesday at 3pm Central time. Biggs says the transition tag may be in play, and that carries the same Tuesday deadline.

Biggs and Hub Arkush of Pro Football Weekly are both reporting that Fuller has expressed a desire to stay with the Bears. Negotiations are ongoing, but the two sides are still far enough apart that Fuller may be allowed to gauge interest in free agency before coming back to the Bears. Arkush says that “as long as they pay him fairly, Fuller is doing all he can to let the Bears know he wants to be in Chicago.” Biggs says that Fuller “is their top target at the position,” so unless a team comes to the table with a ridiculous offer it looks promising that Fuller will stay.

What are your thoughts on these latest reports?