X’s & O’s Draft Edition: Late Round Gems

Who to draft at #8? Personally I have had a ton of discussions on what I see when it comes to #8. The question today is, who to draft at #145, #181, and #224. Being able to uncover those players on day 3 that can contribute to your team is a skill very few GM’s tend to possess. Fortunately for us, it’s the one skill Pace seems to excel at. So if I were in the war room with the Bears scouting department and front office brass, I would put them through their proverbial Paces in extracting more intel on these late round gems. The focus is OL, WR, EDGE, and CB (all areas of need).

OL – Toby Weathersby (LSU)

While it’s fair to say, I didn’t watch much LSU football this year, this man stands tall on film and in life. The tape reveals a 6’5" 312 pound beast that put up 28 reps on the bench. One thing is safe to say about Weathersby, he is aggressive. He has pretty good awareness and plays with decent leverage. Believe it or not, he has a stiff but okay kick slide to take speed rushers outside. His weakness, inside moves. If that EDGE rush starts outside and moves inside, you might as well put an airport turnstyle in his place. He lacks total recovery on inside moves. The good news, this should be able to be coached. He has the athletic ability and could turn into a heck of RT in the NFL. NFL Player Comp: Max Garcia (Broncos)

OL – Joe Noteboom (TCU)

I’m just going to leave this link here for you to watch.

Honestly, I was watching this game and saying to myself, how is this kid not in the discussion for the 2nd-3rd round? He checks all of the boxes you want in a starting OT/OG prospect. 6’5", 309 pounds, 83.5" wingspan, 4.44 20 yard shuttle, 27 reps on the bench, good hand technique, good punch, good footwork, decent kick slide, athletic, awareness for 2nd level and 3rd level blocking (go to the 10 min mark in the video). So why is he considered a late round gem? Go to midway in the 3rd quarter and you will see why. Mental lapses. When he gets gassed, he mentally breaks down – and FAST. He goes from a guy you want anchoring the right side of your line (whether inside or out) to falling off a cliff in one play. The worst part about it, it’s all mental. If he could be coached to complete his game with mental endurance and better physical conditioning, he is a Pro-Bowl caliber player on the line. NFL Player Comp: Xavier Su’a-Filo (Texans)

WR – Jaleel Scott (New Mexico State)

Size and speed are a great combo. You want a big target that can contest any jump ball, here is your man. His drawback, he gets real handsy. The man boxes out like an NBA player. If he can shed that bad habit, he could be an excellent red-zone target for years to come. NFL Player Comp: Reuben Randle (FA – should retire)

WR – Antonio Callaway (Miami)

The yang to Jaleel Scott’s yin. Short, fast, and fun. Every team needs a guy that stretch’s the field and makes people pay for not paying attention to him. There is no shortage of highlight reels on youtube. The kid is like a Tecmo player – looks generic but glitches at just the right time so you can score. I think the optimist will want to comp him to Steve Smith, but that’s a big comp. We could only hope for Steve Smith if the Beloved picks him. NFL Player Comp: Antwaan Randle El (Steelers – retired)

EDGE – Ja’Von Rolland-Jones (Arkansas State)

In the immortal words of Mike Mayock, "this kid has a relentless motor." In addition to his hustle on the field, he has a good ability to shed blocks and decent moves. He runs tight and can get a little gobbled up by bigger tackles, but no 3rd day man is going to be a day 1 starter. He would add great value on special teams and when he refines his play, he can be a high caliber pass rusher. To be fair, he did tie the all time NCAA record for career sacks with Terrell Suggs. NFL Player Comp: Jeremiah Attaochu (FA)

CB – Isaac Yiadom (Boston College)

If you liked the play of Prince Amukamara last year, you should like Yiadom. A good corner who plays best in press. He won’t snag a ton of INT’s, but he also won’t be targeted a ton. He’s the kind of guy that will be on and around his man to make the QB think twice before throwing his way. He will force far more incompletions than turnovers, and far more completions than penalties. He does play fairly disciplined with his hands. No burning speed, but he certainly isn’t slow either. NFL Player Comp: Prince Amukamara (FA)

CB – Dee Delaney (Miami)

Delaney was a transfer to Miami from the Citadel. He had a down year with only 1 INT, but that shouldn’t stop you from thinking he can’t find the ball. He performed well at the Citadel finishing his 3 year career tied for 2nd on the Citadel’s career interceptions list with 13. In addition, he did some return work for the Citadel on both punts and kicks. He can add high-upside value with his versatility, even though he may never be CB1. NFL Player Comp: Quinton Dunbar (Redskins)

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