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Where are the Bears spending their money?

Let’s take a look at the Bears positional spending in 2018 according to the salary cap site, Spotrac.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Of the top eighteen individual cap hits for the NFL’s 2018 season, sixteen are quarterbacks. This year, the quarterback position averages $6,145,942 per player, and surprisingly that’s the second highest per position. Left tackle is number one at $6,514,420 per players. I guess if you think about all the second and third string QBs making close to the minimum to hold a clipboard, that makes sense.

Starting quarterbacks, by far, make the most money in the NFL, so if you can have a starter that isn’t one of your highest paid players then you should have the cap flexibility to overpay in other areas.

The salary cap for the 2018 season is $177.2 million, and the Chicago Bears are paying starting quarterback Mitchell Trubisky $6,598,278 in the second year of his rookie deal. He has the sixth highest cap hit on the team, and among all NFL QBs, his cap hit places him twenty-ninth.

The Bears are in a prime position to take advantage of Trubisky’s relatively low contract trough the 2020 season. If he pans out like we all hope, the Bears will likely pick up his fifth year option, and re-sign him to a huge deal, and then he’d be the highest paid Bear.

I wanted to take a look at where the Bears position groups all rank from a salary standpoint heading into the 2018 season.

Spotrac allows you to sort by positional spending, so let’s see how the Bears rank at every position.

Keep in mind there may still be a few free agents to be added, plus the rookie pool will add approximately $7.5 million to these figures,

The Bears have the 20th ranked offense, with the San Francisco 49ers at number one. The explosive Los Angeles Rams are dead last.

Defensively the Bears are 29th in spending for 2018, with the Jacksonville Jaguars in the top spot.

The three QBs on the Bears’ roster carry a cap hit of $10,393,278, which places them 26th.

Running back is as low as it gets. with the Bears checking in at number 32.

The Bears went hard at the receiver position by adding free agents Taylor Gabriel and Allen Robinson, which makes them 4th overall with $27,236,560 this season.

Trey Burton was an expensive tight end pick up and he helped the Bears climb to 4th overall at that position too. Dion Sims actually has the highest hit at the position for the Bears at $6,333,333.

They are 22nd in offensive line spending, 18th in tackle spending, 14th at guard, and 28th at center. Spotrac has Cody Whitehair listed with the guards, and Hroniss Grasu as their only center.

The Bears have the 27th ranked defensive line with $17,644,997 spent, and that’s with Aaron Lynch grouped in with that position. I’m fairly certain that Lynch will be lining up at outside linebacker with the Bears, so you guys can adjust the math acordingly. I also think Eddie Goldman is due a contract extension at some point before 2018 is up.

They are 19th at linebacker, with OLB checking in at 25th and ILB ranking 9th.

I figured the Bears would be high at cornerback, since they just re-signed Kyle Fuller and Prince Amukamara, but they are only 16th.

But that’s realy high in relation to safety, where the Bears are spending less than the other thirty-one teams. Having two starters on their rookie deals and no veteran backups helps keep that number down.

The Bears are 8th in kicker spending and 20th at punter. Their long snapper cap hit isn’t public yet, but that will likely be in the bottom third of the league.

Do any of these numbers stand out to you guys?

Do you see any position that is due an increase any time soon?