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Friday the 13th: Which Bears player would survive the longest against Jason Voorhees?

Zombies Walk Sydney City Streets Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

I stole this fun idea from our sister site that cover the Jacksonville Jaguars, Big Cat Country.

We all know who Jason Voorhees is, right? He’s the iconic, mass-murdering, hockey mask wearing, demonic monstrosity that terrorized Camp Crystal Lake and other locations, and he first appeared in the Friday the 13th film series.

He’s been killed in just about every movie, but he always comes back.

We want you guys to let us know which current Chicago Bears player would last the longest if Jason were to be let loose on Halas Hall. Would you pick the speedy Tarik Cohen? The hulking Akiem Hicks? The crafty Sherrick McManis?

Give us your pick and why.

Also, just to get you guys really thinking, which historical Bears’ player would be able to shut Jason down? I wonder how a Butkus vs Voorhees match-up would play out.

Or even better... Who would win in a battle between eleven Jason Voorhees’ or the 1985 Bears defensive starters?