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Bob Babich will present Brian Urlacher at his Hall of Fame induction

Soon to be Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher has decided his former position coach will present him for induction into the class of 2018.

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

On February 3, Brian Urlacher was announced as a First-ballot selection to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The former Chicago Bears’ great had since been contemplating which former coach of his would be presenting him at the ceremony in Canton, Ohio in August.

Among those he was considering were Lovie Smith, who was his head coach with the Bears from 2004-2012, Greg Blache, who was his defensive coordinator from 2000-2003, and Bob Babich, who was Urlacher’s coach from 2004-2012.

Urlacher will finally don the gold jacket on August 4th, and he decided he would be presented by Babich.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make as he told the Chicago Tribune: “It was tough (to choose) because there are so many good coaches, not just professional but college and high school.”

Babich began his Bears coaching career as linebackers coach, and he held that job from 2004 through 2006 (when he was also assistant head coach). In 2007, he was promoted to defensive coordinator and he held that role until 2009 (when he was also linebackers coach). In 2010 he was back to coaching linebackers and he did that through 2012.

Babich is currently the linebackers coach for the Buffalo Bills.

“I am so humbled by the offer that Brian gave me to present him,” Babich shared via the Pro Football Hall of Fame. “He is such a good guy and was such a good player, but even more so than that, he was a great person to be around.”

Urlacher won his lone NFL Defensive Player of the Year award in 2005 under the guidance of Babich. One of the peaks of his career.

Here’s more about Urlacher’s presentation from the Chicago Tribune. A day that he and Babich soon won’t forget is in store.

“I spent nine years with Bob and he knows me better than anybody. We had a great relationship and have a great relationship today. He challenged me every single day. One thing I loved is he didn’t treat me different than anyone else. I loved going to work every single day and while I hated meetings, he made them fun because it was a challenge every single day.

“I called him and told him and it was cool. He was excited and I was happy. In my mind, he was the guy to do it but it was a hard decision because like I said, I played for some great coaches.”