The Big Number 8

What's up Bears fans! Is everyone ready for another thrilling NFL draft?

It may not be in vogue with everyone, but I really love the draft. I get excited about new players, explosive talent, and the drama of wondering who will be a win and who will be a bust.

And, after yet ANOTHER difficult season, our beloved Bears have the #8 overall pick. What should they do with it? Here's my take on what folks are saying.

O-Line to Replace Josh Sitton?

This would be a really good idea, since our defense is likely to stay strong. An O-line pick would help us protect what quarterback we have (don't even start with me on that...)

We now have an offensively-minded coach, so we may be able to make a good O-line pickup that would help us stay consistent as we continue to work on building up our production.

I like the idea of picking up someone like Quenton Nelson from ND to plug the hole left by Sitton.


When was the last time the Bears had a good secondary? I still have nightmares about Conte. Although we have Fuller and Amukamara, there are suggestions that we could use more depth. I agree.

I'm really glad we still have the D-Coordinator we had before. I'm a fan of Fangio. I'm hoping we won't lose our focus on having - or building - a strong defense. A pickup like Denzel Ward from Ohio State could make a big difference.

I'm never opposed to improving our secondary.

Another Receiver?

This is not my favorite option. I think we need a secondary or O-line piece much, much more. In addition, this draft doesn't have any receiver that have caught my eye.

Receivers always seem to be a flashy pick, but we have a lot of work to do to protect and develop our quarterback before that becomes a key factor in my mind.

We're up high in the first round here - we should take advantage of it by grabbing top-level talent!

What Do You Think?

Are you a fan of the ideas I listed above? What are your picks? I'd love to know - share in the comments!

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