A Mike Ditka Parallel with Matt Nagy?

Matt Nagy is to Mike Ditka, as Vic Fangio is to Buddy Ryan; without the dislike for each other.

This is how I see it. Nagy creates and runs the offense, like Ditka. Fangio gets full control of the defense, like Buddy.

Nagy at his recent press conferences seems to reveal a coach who gives his vision for the team to the defense while giving his vision to the whole team. But when it comes to the defensive meetings with players, he seems to pop his head in and motivate while giving his defensive staff full control of the system in place.

While I wasn't watching the Bears during the '85 era, it is my understanding that Ditka ran the team in a similar way; perhaps forced to, but still.

I like this head coach Matt Nagy better than any we've had since Lovie. A coach who's been there and done that; in the Arena League as QB and a decade as a disciple of Andy Reid. I foresee greatness from Matt Nagy and the Chicago Bears.

What do you think? Are we on the verge of another Monsters of the Midway?

Bear Down!

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