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2018 NFL Draft Day 2: Chicago Bears Open Thread

The first pick went for the defense. What does Ryan Pace do next?

NFL: Combine
Fans wanted help at edge. Is Landry on Pace’s radar?
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Round 1 saw an astonishing number of trades. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers cashed in big time ahead of the Chicago Bears, and the folks to the north managed to squeeze an extra first-round pick out of addressing a position of need. Meanwhile, for only the second time in four years, Ryan Pace held pat and simply drafted at slot appointed to the team.

What will day two hold? Will Pace trade back and try to make up extra ground? Does he have a small enough cloud of players remaining that it makes sense for him to trade up just a few spots in order to get the exact player he wants? Not much is certain, but what we do know is that Pace starts the day with only a single pick to make, at #39.

Share your thoughts below on what you hope happens for the Bears, and share your thoughts on the draft in general. However, please remember to respect the need to avoid spoilers (write “around” the selection for at least a few minutes, until you are sure that the television coverage has caught up), and please remember that we’re all Bears fans. We all want the Beloved to do well.

In other words, Open Thread responsibly.