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Breaking down Mitch Trubisky’s past, present, and future with the Bears

The future of the Bears’ franchise is in the hands of Trubisky. The latest WCG Radio fully focuses on the development of the second year signal caller.

Cleveland Browns v Chicago Bears Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Everything the Bears have done this off-season has centered around supporting Mitchell Trubisky and giving him a leg to stand on as a potential franchise quarterback. From the hire of Matt Nagy, an innovative and young offensive mind, to completely overhauling their offensive weapons, Chicago has begun to lay out a red carpet of facilitating success for Trubisky.

Of course, for as much as the Bears plan to put Trubisky in a position to succeed, the games still have to be played. Trubisky himself still has to take ownership of his team and develop along a proper trajectory. The simple manner of acquiring quality coaches and talent is auxiliary to the steps Trubisky takes individually as a quarterback. Ultimately, his potential to thrive and take the Bears’ franchise to new heights is on him.

To help break down Trubisky from a pre-draft perspective, during his rookie season, and to set proper expectations, quarterback guru Mark Schofield of Locked On Patriots and Inside The Pylon, joined me for a special Trubisky-centric episode. This is the most important and malleable player the Bears have had in a long time. It’s only natural to take care and nuance as to how to properly evaluate how far he’s come, and where he’s going in Chicago.

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On this episode of WCG Radio

Mark Schofield of Inside The Pylon and Locked On Patriots breaks down the Bears’ Mitchell Trubisky in full. From his rookie season to expectations and precedents for the future.

  • Pre-draft evaluations of Trubisky and how those have evolved since April 2017
  • Trubisky’s rookie season: high and low points, struggles, and where he shined
  • Determining the best manner possible to develop a quarterback
  • The Carson Wentz and Jared Goff ideal: why it’s dangerous
  • NFL comparisons, precedents, and history for Trubisky to follow
  • How Matt Nagy’s offense and new weapons will help Trubisky thrive
  • Setting ultimate expectations for Trubisky for 2018
  • Avengers Infinity War and hypothetical takes galore

Robert Zeglinski is the Bears beat writer for The Rock River Times, an editor for Windy City Gridiron and Inside The Pylon, and is a contributor to Pro Football Weekly and The Athletic Chicago. You can follow him on Twitter @RobertZeglinski.