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Mocking the Mocks: Kiper and McShay go 2 rounds deep for the Bears

ESPN Draft Guru’s Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay each go two rounds deep in their latest mock draft. We highlight their choices for the Chicago Bears right here.

Samford v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

With the Chicago Bears picking eighth overall in the 2018 NFL Draft, most mock drafts are getting a little boring. Most have them taking either Notre Dame’s Quenton Nelson or Virginia Tech’s Tremaine Edmunds. Now I say “boring” not because I doubt whether those two will be good pros, but because it’s always one or the other. If Nelson is there, he’s the pick. If Nelson is gone, it’s Edmunds.

For the record, I’d be fine with either pick.

The mocks that go deeper that two round are more exciting to me, as are the theme-mock drafts like the latest from Josh that is Big-10 only.

The most recent ESPN mock features both Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay predicting how each team will draft and they take it through two rounds.

Check out how these two draftniks have the Bears drafting in their latest.

8. Chicago Bears

Kiper: Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame

I thought about a linebacker here, but Nelson fills a big hole and should help Mitchell Trubisky.

McShay: Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame

Josh Sitton is gone and Nelson would represent a big upgrade. This continues a promising offseason trend of Chicago giving Trubisky what he needs to succeed.

What a shocker...

But I’m good with it,

He’s going to be a stud and I don’t care about that “value” of a guard crap. If you feel Quenton Nelson will help keep Trubisky’s pocket clean and open holes for your running backs, then you take the guard.

In the second round is where it gets interesting.

39. Chicago Bears

Kiper: Lorenzo Carter, OLB, Georgia

Carter could sneak into the end of the first round. He could battle with newly signed outside linebacker Aaron Lynch for a starting spot.

McShay: Donte Jackson, CB, LSU

The fast CB (4.32 40-yard dash) would help give Chicago some much-needed depth in the secondary.

I like Kiper’s pick much better. The Bears need players to get after the quarterback and Carter has the length and skill set to develop into a book end to Leonard Floyd. He’s 6’6”, 250 pounds, and he’s an explosive athlete.

If the above spider graph isn’t showing for Carter, click here to see it.

McShay’s pick of Donte Jackson could have been because he already had Carter off his board.

Jackson is 5’ 10” and 178 lbs, but he’s not strictly a nickleback. He can play press coverage outside, but he will get overpowered at times against the really big wide outs.

What do you guys think about these mock selection?