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What is your favorite family sports memory?

In honor of Mother’s Day, we invite our readers to share their favorite family sports memory.

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears Photo by Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images

In honor of Mothers Day, we invite all of our loyal Chicago Bears fans here at Windy City Gridiron to share stories about their favorite family sports moments (whether Chicago Bears related or not). Helmet tip to the Pride of Detroit for the idea to do this.

I’ll go first. My mother was a St. Louis Cardinals fan (don’t blame me, she was raised in Memphis, which is a redbird town), and my wife’s families are rabid Cardinals fans as well. Personally, neither the wife or I are major league baseball fans at all, but when the opportunity came for four tickets to the final game of the 1982 World Series in St. Louis, we weren’t about to turn them down.

Mom and her best friend Marge played bridge, and they were in a group that played cards with a vice-president of the Cardinals, and Marge was able to get 4 seats (a nearly impossible task in St. Louis when they are in the ship). While normally Marge could get us free tickets any time, these she had to pay for, but since she knew we were broke, she treated us to the game.

When we got there, we stopped by her friend’s office in Busch Stadium to say hello, and he said he was embarrassed that it was the best that he could do for her... he said that we were in the “first row” with kind of a grin “depending on which way you were counting, if you start from the top”.

We were, in fact, at the very, very top of the nosebleed section, the last row right below where an arch started... but we were also right behind home plate, so the seats were actually pretty good.

It was a lovely day, low 80’s in the country but with all the concrete in downtown St. Louis and with the turf field, it was actually pretty darned stuffy in the main bowl of the stadium. Where we were, we had a nice, cool breeze.

The game was a good one, with Joaquin Andujar taking home the win in front of a Bruce Sutter save, and of course the crowd went bonkers... even though the wife and I weren’t really fans of the game or the team (If I were compelled to declare any MLB allegiance it would be to the White Sox), it was a lot of fun to see so many people so happy. Besides, they were playing a team from Wisconsin, a team who’s fan base are also rabid Cheeseheads. It’s easy to root against Cheeseheads.

So... what are your favorite family sports moments? Take a minute and share them with us.