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Our All-Bears Historical Fantasy Draft is over!

Eight of us drafted “fantasy” teams consisting of only Chicago Bears’ players, and after 200 picks our draft is over!

Todd Sauerbrun

Our All Chicago Bears Historical Fantasy Draft is over, and I feel I can speak for the other seven participants when I say that we had a blast!

The draft played out on a Google spreadsheet, and from Brian Urlacher (pick 1 to Jack) to Todd Sauerbrun (pick 200 to Robert), it took us a little over a week to complete. The full draft board can be found here, and in the near future each of us will have a complete breakdown of our team and why our team is the best.

We’ll then have a single elimination tournament with the winners determined by you, the WCG readers.

Here are the first round matchups.

Jack vs. Robert

Erik vs. Lester

Jeff vs. Jacob

Sam vs. Ken

And here are a few highlights from our draft.

  • Jack made the only waiver wire move when he dropped fullback/halfback Gary Famiglietti for a true fullback, Jason McKie, who will be his lead blocker for Bill Osmanski.
  • Robert grabbed his starting corners on back to back picks when he took Donnell Woolford (9th round, pick 72) and Kyle Fuller (10th round, 73rd pick).
  • Three of Erik’s starters on his o-line played for the 1985 Bears, Jimbo Covert, Jay Hilgenberg, and Tom Thayer.
  • As pointed out to me by Jeff, I drafted three straight Georges, George Musso, George Connor, and George McAfee.
  • Jeff was the last to draft his quarterback, taking Jim Miller in the 24th round, but he doubled down and grabbed Josh McCown in the 25th.
  • Jacob drafted the first ever thousand yard running back, Beattie Feathers, with his last pick.
  • Sam reunited Walter Payton (the 2nd pick overall) with his first fullback, Roland Harper (pick 175).
  • Ken is going old school on offense by running the T Formation, but new school on defense by running a 3-4 as his base D.

Stay tuned in the coming week for our reasoning why each of our teams is deserving of your votes for the All Bears Historical Fantasy Super Bowl Champions!