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Where is your confidence in Mitchell Trubisky?

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Chicago Bears Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

After the offseason that Ryan Pace just delivered for the Chicago Bears, it’s hard to not have high expectations for the 2018 season. Now when I say “high,” I don’t necessarily mean playoffs like we discussed a couple days ago, but the arrow should be pointing up for this new version of the Bears. Matt Nagy revamping the offense and Vic Fangio fine-tuning the defense should be enough to push this team past the five wins from a year ago. If quarterback Mitchell Trubisky makes similar strides in his second season like many other young QBs do, then this team could flirt with a playoff appearance.

And honestly, after this long playoff drought, I’d be fine if the Bears we’re simply one of the in-the-hunt teams heading into the homestretch of the 2018 season.

But back to Trubisky, because it all hinges on his development. That’s why Nagy was brought in. That’s why the offensive coaching staff was assembled. And that’s why they upgraded the offensive weapons. Trubisky needs to be The Man.

But can he?

Where is your confidence in him ascending to that next level?

ESPN recently revealed their QB Confidence Index, which isn’t a ranking of the best quarterback situations, but rather a ranking “of teams based on how confident those teams are in their quarterback situation as a whole.” So in Chicago's case, it’s Trubisky and backup Chase Daniel.

They had the Bears ranked 26th, one spot below the Indianapolis Colts and starting quarterback Andrew Luck who still hasn’t thrown a football, and one spot above Nagy’s former team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Here’s what they said about the Bears.

Mitchell Trubisky showed during his 2017 rookie season that he can handle the pressure of playing in the NFL. He didn’t show much else, mainly because the Bears didn’t ask him to do very much. But new coach Matt Nagy should change that, and we may get to see the talent that made Trubisky the No. 2 pick in last year’s draft. If Nagy can install anything like what he was running in Kansas City last year, Trubisky could move up very quickly on this list and others. Chase Daniel is the backup and knows what Nagy wants to do from their time together in Kansas City.

Maybe we didn’t see “much else” because head coach John Fox wouldn’t let us see much else. Trubisky was clearly being held back by the offense, but there were enough flashes in his play that I’m confident that a competent offense should catapult him up lists like these.