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NFL Films shows no love for Roquan Smith’s artistic ability

Every tackle our dearest Roquan makes is a work of art, yet he was left out anyway.

Georgia v Notre Dame Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

If the rest of the league interests you for whatever reason - we don’t know why you would care about anyone but the Beloved - the NFL released a video highlighting top (and we say top loosely) 2018 rookies attempting to draw their team’s logos.

Curiously missing? Why none other than the one and only, apple of our eye, meat to our potatoes, and already Bears’ great, Roquan Smith.

We, for one, smell a hint of disrespect to our fair Bears. Clearly this is a league that is intimidated by the very idea of Smith (or “Roquan”: because we are on a first-name friends’ basis) using his keen eye to draw out the Bears’ glorious, beautiful, and unmatched orange C. The league’s bottom line is uncomfortable and a bit nervous at the Bears outclassing, outmaneuvering, and outgrinding the competition everywhere already. It’s understandable given the pending domination of our Bears on the field, but nevertheless a bit too convenient for our tastes.

The buck has to stop at Roquan only helping the Bears beat those who would stand in our way 72-0 instead of 56-0, and we are flat out tired of it.

That isn’t to say that Roquan should be getting ahead of himself as an artist. But if we know our Bears, and we do, Picasso should watch out. Hopefully, the NFL recognizes this tremendous blunder and lets Roquan grace us with his stupendous artistic talents in the future. We look forward to his masterpiece portraits of sacks of Aaron Rodgers.

Until then, we need only ask ourselves WWND. Or, “What Would Nagy Do?”