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Bears to draft 2nd overall in 2019 according to Football Outsiders

Let’s take a peek at a 2019 mock draft for the Chicago Bears to see who — What the what?

NFL: Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The 2018 NFL Draft is over, so naturally the analysts, draftniks and draft gurus have already started working on their 2019 mock drafts. The latest from ESPN’s Todd McShay dropped earlier today, but it wasn’t the pick he made, but rather the location of the pick that left me perturbed.

Here’s what McShay had for the Bears.

2. Chicago Bears

Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio State*

Yes, he is the younger brother of Chargers DE Joey Bosa. And yes, he can also rush the passer and stop the run (8.5 sacks, 16 TFL last season).

Nick Bosa seems like a hell of a prospect, and if the Bears could nab him next year that wouldn’t upset me, but picking number two overall?

After having an outstanding offseaosn with a new head coach and offensive coaching staff, and with their solid defensive unit left virtually intact from a year ago, are they really going to regress?

Now these aren’t McShay’s draft order projections, so don’t direct your vitriol towards him. McShay clarified by saying, “I didn’t decide on the draft order. It was generated by Football Outsiders, using its early projected records for the 2018 season.”

These are just Football Outsiders’ preliminary projections, so they may change as teams get their camps rolling.

What are your thoughts on both Bosa to the Bears and to their second worst projected record?