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If Twitter was always a thing, which Bear would be most likely to have a burner account?

The possibilities are endless...

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Are you guys familiar with “burner” accounts? If you’re a part of Twitter, odds are you’ve at least heard of them in the last couple days. A burner account is a fake account created by someone to push their agenda, to troll others, or to hype themselves.

The reason they’re in the news is a recent article by The Ringer that linked several burner accounts to the Philadelphia 76ers’ president of basketball operations, Bryan Colangelo. The Ringer alleges that Colangelo used the accounts to criticize NBA players, debate the decisions of his own coaches, take shots at his former general manager, and generally spread whatever gossip and rumors he felt would benefit his situation.

With social media such a big deal these days, I’d imagine that Colangelo isn’t the only executive that has fake social media accounts. I’m sure a lot of people in the public eye has them as well. I’m also fairly certain that some members of the Chicago media — traditional and non-traditional — have them as well. It’s just the world we live in now.

Looking back throughout Chicago Bears’ history, I can think of no one that would have used this method more than Papa Bear himself, George Halas.

Halas was notorious for being cheap. He would have had burner accounts tweeting about his players in a negative light to ensure that he could save money in contract negotiations. He was such a fierce competitor, I’d imagine that he would have taken some shots at the coaches he hired through the years too. I also like to think that he would use them to troll Vince Lombardi and the Packers’ organization.

We took the, ‘Which Bear would be most likely to have a burner account?’ question to Twitter and we received some interesting responses.

Hurd may have had a burner account for reasons other than football.

These two feisty players could have wanted to troll other teams.

Martellus Bennett is so social media savvy, I’ll bet he already has a few burners.

With the way that whole Trestman thing ended, he could have had some.

We had a few mention McMahon, and in my opinion this is spot on. McMahon would have been the troll to end all trolls. His burners would have messed with Rozelle, they would have messed with head coach Mike Ditka, and they likely would have mischievously messed with his teammates.

Speaking of Da Coach...

There was that girlfriend incident from a year ago...

Jay Cutler seems like an obvious choice, but then it was suggested that he doesn’t care about petty stuff like that. Unless he does...

What do you guys think?

Which Bears come to mind that would have a burner account?