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Adrian Amos makes CBS Sports’ Top 100 NFL players list of 2018

The Chicago Bears had one representative on Pete Prisco’s Top 100 NFL Players list of 2018, and it wasn’t the player we were expecting.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

It’s only June, but does anyone have list overload yet?

I think we can trace the offseason list-a-paloozas back to the NFL Network’s initial Top 100 list a few years back. But since then, it seems that every publication has their own version of the best-players-in-the-NFL lists. The latest we want to spotlight is from CBS Sports, and their Senior Writer, Pete Prisco.

Prisco doesn’t slow play his list over a number of weeks, instead he drops the entire thing in one fell swoop. He understands it’s going to be controversial, and he even asks readers to, “Eat it alive. I know you will.”

As a Chicago Bears’ fan, I can’t gripe that much. Our team has been bad the last few years, and these lists are usually made up of players from winning teams.

But there was one Bear that made his cut, and I was surprised to see his name when looking over his 100.

93 - Adrian Amos - SS

This young safety was impressive in his third season with the Bears. He’s good against the run and the pass.

There have been other publications that have praised Amos’ play from last year, and while I do think he had a good season, I just don’t think he belongs among the NFL’s top players. I know quite a few of you guys feel the same as me, but what if we’re wrong.

What if Amos is an ascending player and he’s about to go off in 2018?

What do these national media members see that I’m not seeing? Don’t get me wrong, I do think Amos had a nice year in 2017, but having him in a Top 100 list, or predicting he’s on the cusp of being elite, seems a bit too much.

Akiem Hicks just missed his cut, but do you guys think any Bears were snubbed?