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Orange you glad the new Bears alternate jersey is dope?

Finally, this is what an alternate shirt is all about

Finally back to having some style

Oh goodness gracious they’re finally back.

Orange jerseys are the hotness. Hopefully they’re here to stay. This is the hill I choose to die on.

Look at Mitch here - he’s shining, shimmering, splendid. A beacon of hope for a new age of Bears football. He looks like the sun, waiting to bless us with its energy.


Here’s the key concept for an alternate jersey - it’s supposed to be an alternate to what you normally wear. An alternate jersey can’t be the same color as your standard jersey - that’s just dumb.

The Monsters of the Midway throwback is “ok” at best. It’s also permanently associated with the Marc Trestman and John Fox Chicago Bears. Nobody wants that.

Additionally, the design on it was just lazy - “it’s our alternate jersey, but it’s the same color as our normal jersey.” Wow. Exciting. I actually found this sketch from when they were working on the design for the old throwback:

Fine, but bland. Not exciting.

This orange jersey, though, oh man.

That’s hot. It’s a perfect inversion, or ALTERNATE, of the already classic design - what was blue is orange, and what was orange is blue.

As I mentioned on twitter before, there’s three acceptable Bears jersey combinations,

Blue shirt/white pant
White shirt/blue pant
Orange shirt/white pant

Under no circumstances should orange shirt be worn with blue pant. This is a given. Blue on blue is also objectively very terrible. White on white is not great, but occasionally passable if it’s a really hot day and you’re trying to keep everyone comfortable.

Still don’t think the orange jersey is the tightest alternate in the league? Don’t take my word for it:

The question you have to ask yourself is - are you going to fight Akiem Hicks about it?

This is the best looking alternate in the league because it perfectly plays on the teams existing colors.

Next step: get the Bear head on the damn helmet already. The pinched C is bad. As our friend David Taylor from Cheeky Monkey Art told us recently:

The Bears “iconic” wishbone C was taken from the University of Chicago and similar logos have been used by the Cincinnati Reds, Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Indians, a part of the Minnesota Twins logo, Chicago Cardinals, Catawba College, Chapman University, etc etc etc.

There is nothing wrong with a classic logo, but the logo is so ubiquitous and there is even a long debate of who stole the logo first: the Reds or the Bears. Bottom 5 is where I would put the Bears logo as well. Because it could easily be mistaken for a number of other things with a small color change, and the Bears, a professional sports team that pays players millions a year, deserve a logo that is all their own.

The logo was originally used back in the late 1900’s and while I’m all for history, something as old, tired, and overused needs an update. Aesthetically, it definitely could be more pleasing to the eye, even evening out the “C” would make it look cleaner. Overall, it feels lazily designed for today’s standards, and takes seconds to recreate