Recovery – AGAIN – in Chicago

Sports teams are amazing. Unlike regular people, they are allowed to fail – again and again and again – and still continue to get bankrolled.

You have to jump through hoops to get a mortgage after a bankruptcy, but the Bears can lose and look ridiculous and everyone still gets to keep trying. Sure, a guy may get fired, but the team continues – often in unrequited mediocrity.

But, like recovering from a financial difficulty, there’s still hope in Chicago. This is why 2018 could be fun to watch.

THIS Coach Might Be Good

Haven’t we heard this one before? Well yes. With every new coach our hope is rekindled – maybe this guy will work out. Maybe this one will actually engineer our turnaround.

Here are some good reasons to be a believer in Matt Nagy.

· Andy Reid’s coaching tree has some notable great coaches, including Ron Rivera, John Harbaugh, and Sean McDermott

· He’s offensively-minded, which is very helpful for our still-developing quarterback Mr. Trubisky

· It sounds like his energy is a good match for Trubisky’s desire to learn

· He’s keeping Fangio, who is a very good defensive coordinator

So, there’s hope. There’s always hope.

Trubisky is Developing

When the Bears selected Trubisky in the draft, I was numb. What in the world?

I didn’t have any reason to think that Trubisky was anything at all. We had just overpaid for an underperforming backup. Now we drafted this random QB at 2?!?!

Fortunately, Trubisky was not a bust. He’s looking OK, and with some proper development, he may be pretty good.

With the coach connecting well with Trubisky, and the fact that Nagy is focused on offense, Trubisky will have a good opportunity to become a winning quarterback this year.

The Draft Wasn’t Bad

Roquan Smith was a good pick at 8, and filled a very important need at linebacker. I may be biased, but I was also pleased with the choice of Iowa’s James Daniels for the offensive line. I’d love to see him be a Bear for a long time to come.

Anthony Miller as a wide receiver wasn’t a stellar pick, but I won’t quibble. We are going to need offensive weapons for Trubisky. We have other talented receivers though, so it wasn’t a big need.

I’m not sure what Pace was thinking with Iyiegbuniwe in the fourth round since our starting linebackers are solid with the addition of Smith in Round 1. Bilal Nichols addressed an important defensive line need, but he’s definitely a project.

Kylie Fitts could be great on defense if he can stay healthy. Javon Wims rounded out our draft as a high-value pick for receiver in the last round. Overall, the draft was a solid effort that brought some high-quality pieces to the team.

Guarded Optimism

Frankly, Pace hasn’t delivered on a single promise so far. I have no idea how he got an extension. The same guy who told us that Glennon was going to be our next great quarterback is saying that Nagy is the answer we’ve been looking for.

I just hope he’s right this time.

This Fanpost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.