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My Bears Historical Fantasy Team Is The Best: We Remember... The T-Formation

The T-Formation and the men who won championship after championship with it, plus all-time Bears legends...

Bronko Nagursky.





Six Hall Of Fame players.

Four Bears Retired Numbers.

Nearly every player an All-Pro or Pro-Bowler while in Chicago.

Perennial NFL Champions through the T-Formation Championship years. The Monsters of the Midway. The Shuffling Crew.

We are The T-Formation.

We run the offense that won the most lopsided game in NFL history, the 73-0 championship against Washington in 1940. We have the coach that won that game on the field. We have the back who’s two interceptions sealed the 1943 NFL Championship for Da Bears.

We have some of the greatest players that you’ve ever heard of, and some of the greatest Bears players you’ve never heard of but it’s high time you do.

Link Lyman.

William Perry.

Erich Barnes.

Doug Buffone.

Matt Forte.

Otis Wilson.

We run a modern defense so we can get FOUR linebackers on the field... we all know the strength of the Bears D over the years is at linebacker, so we are the only team that’s giving you four at a time.

We run an offense that gives you three running backs all day long. We all know the strength of the Bears over the years on offense has always been the run game, we give you more of it than anybody else.

We also have a BUNCH of players who were in the Hall and on the All-Pro lists because of their play both ways, guys like Lyman who was the best offensive and defensive lineman in the league, both sides of the ball at the same time. Guys like Nagursky and Grange, who both were equally feared for their offense and defense. What does this give us? Depth... we are the only team that truly has depth, who can fill in critical positions with another player who was a Pro-Bowler at least.

Here are my guys, round by round, and here’s what they did to get chosen by me. Their records speak for themselves.

  1. Bronko Nagurski - FB/DE/LB - Bronko is one of the few early players that I am absolutely certain could play in the league today.
  2. Mike Ditka - TE - The man reinvented the position, and was the quintessential Bear.
  3. Matt Forte - RB - Owner of all kinds of Bears records, Forte is a perfect combo back for the T-Formation
  4. Erik Kramer - QB - Well, Kramer put together the best single QB season in Bears history, and the list of Bears QB’s who can actually play is very short. Kramer’s my guy at QB on passing downs.
  5. Harold (Red) Grange - HB/CB/S - Red could play about six positions and was perhaps the greatest athlete to ever don navy and orange.
  6. Otis Wilson - LB - Two-time All-Pro at the height of his career when he was with the Bears.
  7. Doug Buffone - LB - One of my all time favorite Bears, and an absolute tackling machine.
  8. George Halas - DE/WB/PlayerCoach - Halas will mostly play wing in my T-Formation, and will give my team the ultimate in moral authority, since we have THE Chicago Bear.
  9. William Roy “Link” Lyman - DL/OL - Hall-Of-Famer, five-time All-Pro, the man who invented the defensive line shift ... in the ninth round? Yes, please.
  10. Paddy Driscol - lDB/QB/K/P/DKA -Hall-Of-Famer, lead the league in scoring including in 1926, eight-time All-Pro, 1920’s All-Decade team member, and he coached the Bears in the 50’s
  11. William ”The Refrigerator” Perry - DT - In case Nagurski & Ditka can’t blow a big enough hole for Forte & Grange, we can always go with the fridge package. Joking aside, the dude was an absolute beast DT.
  12. Josh Sitton - OG - The man played at an all-pro level when he was a Bear, still at the top of his game. I’ll take that.
  13. Charles Leno, Jr. - OT - Ditka, Leno, Sitton... that’s a solid left side of my line
  14. Leslie Frazier - CB - 20 interceptions in a handful of years as a starter before he did his knee in the Super Bowl win
  15. Jermon Bushrod - OT - Bushrod was servicable at left tackle, but in his was still in his prime in Chicago, moving Bushrod to RT makes him a monster talent there.
  16. Jerry Fontenot - C - Played nine seasons in Chicago during the 1990’s, was reliable, went six years in a row without missing a start.
  17. Muhsin Muhammed - WR/E - For when we do need to split somebody wide, why not the highest rated blocking WR in PPF’s history? Amazing downfield blocker who we line up at end opposite Ditka, a dual threat who can block? Yes, please.
  18. Jeff Graham - WR/E - In Chicago, Graham averaged 1,122 yards, 75 catches and 4 TD’s per year he played here... more of a pass-catching end, and our one player we can split out wide. Top downfield blocker as well.
  19. Danny Trevathan - LB - He’s played well since coming over from the Broncos, and since I’m running a 3-4 I need a true 3-4 ILB to run it
  20. Erich Barnes - CB - A Pro-Bowler for the Bears in 1961, Barnes had 9 interceptions in his three years as a starter in Chicago. 5 total Pro-Bowls and an All-Pro selection in his career
  21. Brian Piccolo - RB - The moral is to the physical as three is to one. Brian brings absolute moral authority to a Bears team full of Bears heart and Bears soul.
  22. Bobby Joe Green - P - The punter for the Bears in my youth, a personal favorite, 14 seasons all as a Bear, the only Bears punter to make the Pro Bowl in team history.
  23. Bill Bishop - DT - Bill Bishop was a 10 year starter on the DL in the 1950’s, at the heart of the Monsters of the Midway defense. He was a Pro Bowler in 1954
  24. Joe Mancini - DB/FB - Two way Chicago Bears star in the 30’s and early 40’s, a two time Pro Bowler for the Bears and had two huge interceptions in the 1940 Bears Championship game win
  25. Norm Sandlee - RB/P - How about a Pro-Bowl running back who actually holds the Bears record for highest punting average, career, at 63 YPP? OK, he only had 2 punts, but as an RB he was legit and a T-Formation team can NEVER have too many all-pro running backs.

We remember... The T-Formation

4. Kramer 3. Forte 5. Grange 1. Nagurski 2. Ditka 17. Muhamad 13. Leno, Jr 12. Sitton 16. Fontenot 9. Lyman 15. Bushrod 10. Driscoll 21. Piccolo
Subs by position
10. Driscoll 24. Maniaci 21. Piccolo 8. Halas 18. Grahm
8. Halas 23. Bishop 11. Perry 6. Wilson 1. Nagursky 19. Trevathan 7. Buffone 14. Frazier 10. Driscoll 24. Maniaci 20. Barnes 22. Green
Subs by position
9. Lyman 5. Grange

In the end, it all comes down to one thing... and that one this is this...

“Bear down, Chicago Bears, make every play clear the way to victory; Bear down, Chicago Bears, put up a fight with a might so fearlessly. We’ll never forget the way you thrilled the nation with your T-formation. Bear down, Chicago Bears, and let them know why you’re wearing the crown. You’re the pride and joy of Illinois, Chicago Bears, bear down.”

That song was written about many of these players. That song was written about George Halas & the T-Formation. That is our song.

When it’s all said and done, we’ve got the T-Formation, and nobody else does... and you just don’t get any more Chicago Bears than that.