Smash Amos is NOT Overrated

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Amos seems to be a polarizing figure and the camps seem to be broken along this line:

  • Those who understand the position and value a Safety who doesn't miss assignments and doesn't miss tackles.
  • Those who think safeties primary job should be creating turnovers in the passing game.
This Bears fan doesn't care if Adrian Amos literally never gets another interception if he keeps up the rock solid assignment football and doesn't allow Marcus Williams'esque TDs. How many missed tackles in the open field that lead to big gains or Touchdowns are you willing to trade for an interception? Amos graded so highly at PFF without the splash plays because he's almost never found out of position, doesn't miss tackles and is a plus defender in the run. He flat out avoids snaps that hurt the overall function of the defense better than anyone else on the team.

If anything, we overrate the "playmakers" and undervalue guys like Smash.

Fans always are trying to replace Amos, Charles Leno, Sam Acho, Prince Amukamara and Jordan Howard in search of superstar upside. They're punished for being too predictably competent.

Luckily, Pace clearly sees the value in knowing what you get game in and game out and hopefully, that translates to #38 staying in the Navy and Orange for a long, long time.


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