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How many sacks will the Chicago Bears have this season?

Last night the Chicago Bears sent out the above Tweet.

They want us to predict how many sacks the team will have in 2018.

Last year the Bears had 42, which was tied for seventh most in the NFL. In 2016, they were 12th with 39, and in 2015 Vic Fangio’s defense had 25, which was 22nd.

So as you can see they are trending in the right direction, but with as much as I hope they can increase their sack totals, I’d be fine if they just got to the quarterback on a more consistent basis.

Years ago, Greg Blache, who was the Bears defensive coordinator from 1999 to 2003, famously made a comment that sacks were overrated. While many people ripped him for his remarks, the gist of what he said holds true.

While sacks are the sexiest play a defense can make, those pressures, hurries, and quarterback hits are just as important. They lead to rushed decisions from the QB. They speed up his internal clock, and they get him off rhythm.

Chicago’s pass rush is a concern by many heading into the 2018 season, but last night our guy, Andrew Link, fired off a really interesting twitter thread about this very subject and I’ll share it right here.

For the record, I’ll predict the Bears will have 43 sacks in 2018.

How many do you think they’ll have?