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Predict Jordan Howard’s stat line in 2018

Predict how many yards Jordan Howard will have in 2018.

Yesterday, the Chicago Bears shot out the above Tweet asking fans to predict how many yards running back Jordan Howard will have in the 2018 season.

I’m expecting another productive season from Howard as he settles into the new offense. His carries may dip slightly, but with better talent around him and a competent play caller, I think Howard will be fine.

Howard was rumored to be on the trade block after Matt Nagy was hired as head coach because Howard doesn’t fit some people’s profile of a west coast tailback. His one cut, powerful running style is a perfect fit for what they’ll do up front with the zone blocking scheme, but as a receiver out of the backfield he has struggled. Nagy has talked about Howard improving as a receiver this offseason and he even called him a good fit for the offense.

I think we’ll see Howard have his best all around season as a pro in 2018.

Here are my predictions.

  • 227 carries, 1,203 yards, 11 touchdowns
  • 32 receptions, 260 yards, 3 touchdowns

What do you guys predict for Howard?