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Tarik Cohen has been lining up in “every position” for the Bears

Tarik Cohen was a guest on the Jim Rome show yesterday and the two discussed a number of topics...

Cleveland Browns v Chicago Bears Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Yesterday on the Jim Rome Show from the CBS Sports Network, Rome was joined by exciting Chicago Bears’ running back Tarik Cohen, and he asked him about his role in the new offense being installed by head coach Matt Nagy.

Cohen said, “The offense is great. It’s similar to some of the stuff I did in college,” which is, “a lot of RPOs,” and that’s something quarterback Mitchell Trubisky did in college in 2016 as well.

Putting his players in the best possible position to succeed is something Nagy learned from his former boss, Andy Reid, as is lining his players up wherever he can find a mismatch, something Cohen talked about as well. I’ve been everywhere, I’ve been in every position, it’s crazy.”

Rome also asks Cohen about locker room basketball, Fortnite, traffic issues, and the help he gave to the elementary school in Greensboro, North Carolina after a tornado ripped through the area.

You can hear Cohen talking about his role in the offense right here.

And you can hear the entire segment with Cohen right here.