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Chicago Bears re-sign Zach Miller

In a classy move by the Chicago Bears, they are reported to have brought injured tight end Zach Miller back on a 1-year deal.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

EDIT: The Bears have made the move official, and it was also announced that Miller will meet the media tomorrow from Halas Hall at the first day of veteran minicamp.

Pro Football Talk is reporting that the Chicago Bears are re-signing tight end Zach Miller to a one-year contract. The 33-year old Miller suffered a gruesome knee injury last October against the New Orleans Saints making a spectacular touchdown catch* after an outstanding throw from Mitchell Trubisky.

The deal the Bears are giving him will pay him $458,000 whether he plays or not, but if he is able to recover and play in 2018, the contract would pay $790,000 for this season.

The odds of his coming back from this latest setback are slim, but Miller has been overcoming the odds his entire career. If anyone can do it, it’s him.

Regardless if Miller plays or not, this is a classy move by the Bears’ organization. As a free agent the Bears didn’t owe him a new deal, but they wanted to do something for a player that did everything the right way during his time in Chicago. This also sends a message to the locker room, as well as to the entire NFL, that the the Bears will take care of their own.

Miller has been spotted at OTAs this offseason, so I wonder if there are plans for him beyond his playing career as a coach or perhaps in the front office.

What are your thoughts on this latest move?

* I know the record books don’t have it down as a catch, but by now everyone has pretty much acknowledged that it should have been ruled a touchdown.

EDIT: None of the usual Bears beat writing suspects have announced it yet, but there is a report/rumor that offensive lineman Matt McCants was the player released to make room for Miller.