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Duerrwaechter’s take on Colin Cowherd’s NFC North predictions for 2018 regular season

It appears that one NFL analyst isn’t very cheerful about the Bears this year...

IL: St. Louis Rams v Chicago Bears
Erik’s reaction to this prediction probably looked identical to this pic of All-Time great Olin Kreutz!
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

This is the time of year where the NFL-related coverage is dominated by a slew of predictions for the upcoming regular season. For the most part, opinions and takes on the Bears have been largely enthusiastic, with people like NFL Network’s Adam Rank leading the charge. Naturally, there will be a negative take for almost every positive while debating who’s team(s) reign supreme.

Colin Cowherd’s most recent take on ESPN Radio’s “The Herd” will certainly turn any Chicago Bears fan’s kool-aid sour.

My response to this prediction, overall: this is complete blasphemy. I instantly threw my pencil harder than Hub Arkush did following Kyle Long’s selection during the 2013 NFL Draft. In fact, my pencil went through the desk, and not deflecting off it.

It’s not just the Bears finishing dead last without a single ounce of improvement that has me fired up. But, for the Green Bay Packers to rise up only because of Aaron Rodgers’s return, while the Minnesota Vikings turn into massive disappointments after a dominant 13-3 campaign? Sheesh.

Sure, Matt Nagy and his Bears have plenty to prove this year. Chicago has lived in the basement of the NFC North for the past four consecutive years. Logically speaking, the pessimism can be reflected in the players’ overall rankings in Madden 19. With that said, these aren’t your same ole Bears of recent times.

In summary, GM Ryan Pace and his front office completely re-tooled the skill positions on offense, adding a plethora of weapons to surround Mitchell Trubisky with on offense. Names like Allen Robinson II, Taylor Gabriel, Anthony Miller, and Trey Burton have been added to what was once considered the worst assortment of pass catchers in the league.

He achieved this, while successfully retaining core elements of the Bears’ top-ten ranked defense from a year ago. Let’s say that again, a top-ten defense. One that carried the team which featured an unimaginative offense. When one thinks about these moves, it’s easy to be optimistic about the Windy City’s beloved returning to prominence.

To keep everything civilized, I’ll simply suggest that Colin’s take were likely based on Madden’s overall interpretations for the 2018 regular season. Alas, I do not possess the proverbial crystal ball, either. Time will decide on who becomes the champions. No matter how egregious one’s predictions can be.