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The Bear’s Den, July 2, 2018

Kyle Long is making progress, but will he ever get back to his previous Pro Bowl level?

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Denver Broncos v Chicago Bears
Kyle Long #75 of the Chicago Bears blocks Von Miller #58 of the Denver Broncos at Soldier Field on November 22, 2015 in Chicago
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images



Cox: Former NFL WR Steve Smith compares Bears to pregnant ’32-year-old woman’ - Bears Wire - Former NFL wide receiver Steve Smith compared the Chicago Bears to a pregnant woman on NFL Network last week.

Renner: RPOs – what they are, which NFL team used them best in 2017? (HINT: Bears featured) - Pro Football Focus - Senior Analyst Mike Renner examines the deployment of the run-pass options in 2017 and who used them best.

Countdown to Camp 2018: Chicago Bears Tight End Preview - Da Bears Brothers Podcast - Trey Burton leads a Chicago Bears tight end group full of potential, but what are proper expectations for the unit?

Rosenbloom: With Jameis Winston decision, NFL once again means Noted For Loathsomeness - Chicago Tribune - Remember when the NFL talked so big that sexual assault has no place in the league and proudly proclaimed that violations of its new personal conduct code began with a baseline of six games? That same NFL suspended Bucs QB Jameis Winston for just three games for groping an Uber driver. Frauds.

Hughes' The Positional Quick 3: Special Teams - Da Bears Blog - One could argue – with relative ease – that Ryan Pace has not botched any position on the roster worse than kicker. The Bears did not just jettison Robbie Gould too early. They WANTED Connor Barth, a player who has never been any good.

Eurich: The biggest "what ifs" in Chicago Bears history - There are plenty of moments the Chicago Bears wish they had a do-over.

Eurich: Anthony Miller wants to be the best WR to 'ever play the game' - 247Sports - Chicago Bears wideout Anthony Miller is not afraid to speak his mind.

Eurich: Tempering expectations for Bears wideout Taylor Gabriel in 2018 - 247Sports - Taylor Gabriel has the tendency to disappear for stretches during the regular season.

Eurich: Bears are stacked against the odds for the 2018 season - 247Sports - The Chicago Bears have a lot to prove this upcoming season.

Pick Six Podcast: Why it might be the Bears defense that's a sleeping giant in 2018 - - Former Steeler Bryant McFadden breaks down a group of sleeper defenses for 2018, also talks Bucs and Jameis Winston

Cox: Aaron Lynch - ‘You gotta be a dog’ to fit in on Bears defense - Bears Wire - Chicago Bears outside linebacker Aaron Lynch is already buying into the identity and mentality of his new defense.


Green Bay Packers blog Acme Packing Company is hiring a social media coordinator - Acme Packing Company - Is it you? Ken’s Note: I wonder if I should apply. I could have SO much fun with this.


If the Lions fix these 2 issues, they’re Super Bowl contenders - Pride Of Detroit - If the Lions fix these two problems, the sky is the limit. Ken's Note: True story, if they fix two things they can be in the Super Bowl. 1) they need to not suck nearly as much at playing football as they do now and 2) who are we kidding, it's the Lions. Lions are Super Bowl incompatible. The Detroit Lions are the Windows Millennium Edition (ME) of the NFL.

Rang: Ade Aruna could end up being best fit from Vikings 2018 Draft Class - Daily Norseman - He thinks the Vikings could have something special

James Jones names Randy Moss best wide receiver of the last 25 years - Daily Norseman - It’s a bit of an upset

NFC North Rundown: Vikings extend Danielle Hunter to maintain pass rush - Acme Packing Company - For a second straight year, Minnesota inked a new contract with a productive internal pass rusher who gives NFC North quarterbacks anxiety.


Wiltfong: Bears’ roster ranked 22nd in the NFL - Windy City Gridiron - First the good news. From top to bottom, the Chicago Bears have their most talented roster in years. The Ryan Pace rebuild will finally start to bear some fruit in 2018 with some solid youngsters...


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