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Should the Bears un-retire Walter Payton’s #34?

Must see: Jack asks Jarrett Payton, son of Sweetness, if the Chicago Bears should un-retire his father’s #34.

Yesterday our resident Chicago Bears’ historian, Jack M Silverstein, was on CLTV’s Sports Feed talking with Jarrett Payton about his recent WCG article, The 50-Year Plan: how the Bears can unretire numbers and honor more legends.

What makes the interview so interesting was when Jack flipped the script and asked Jarrett how he would feel if the Bears un-retired his father’s #34. Check out the quick clip from CLTV.

And I hope all you Bears’ fans know who Jarrett’s dad is...

Jack also knows the Chicago Bulls inside and out, and on this CLTV appearance he discussed his article, Undoing the dynasty: Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and how the Bulls blew a shot to become the Lakers, that he wrote for The Barber’s Chair Digital.

Jack is so social media savvy that he always goes on Facebook Live when he has an appearance like this to give us a behind the curtain look at the fun.

You can see that right here courtesy of Jack’s Facebook page.


Posted by Jack M Silverstein on Sunday, July 22, 2018

And you can see the CLTV feed right here.