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Chicago Bears Training Camp Live Stream: Saturday Open Thread

Photo by Robert Zeglinski

Good morning Chicago Bears’ fans, this is your Saturday Open Thread, and please remember that open thread’s are a little more rambunctious than our traditional comment threads. These threads are rated WCG-MA, and every now and again one of the WCG faithful will drop an F-Bomb. It’s usually the first comment and it usually has something to do with the Green Bay Packers.

Today we have two members of our fantastic writing staff making the trek to Kankakee County for training camp, so join me in thanking Robert Zeglinski and Jacob Infante for bringing Bears’ camp to us.

After practice Robert will more than likely go live on our Facebook page to recap practice, and Jacob will unload his notebook right here on WCG, so stay tuned!

Remember if any of you guys are down at camp and are active on Twitter, be sure to tag us so we can share your pictures and videos.

You can check out Jacob’s live Twitter feed right here:

Check out Robert’s live Twitter feed right here: